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The degree of dissertation in master’s theses in humanities subjects has declined as part of the Bologna reform. Nevertheless, we also provide our clients with qualified support from our humanities ghostwriters and editors for this academic degree.

The Magister degree, introduced in Europe in 1960, corresponds to the effort and demands of the previous diploma and the newly introduced Master’s thesis, but also makes specific demands.

As a rule, the master’s program comprises two to three subjects and prepares less for a single profession than for a broader occupational field. The ability to recognize and scientifically deal with complex relationships and problems therefore forms the core of the requirements for a master’s thesis, which are quite different depending on the university.

The convincing written presentation and analysis of a scientific problem in the master’s thesis presupposes – like every thesis – first the mastery of the scientific “craft”. This begins with the academically relevant topic selection and ranges from the research, the well-founded analysis to the structured presentation in compliance with the rules of scientific citation.

But something important is added. Since the master’s program prepares students for professions in the social, journalistic or cultural sector in particular, the master’s thesis is often expected not only to master the scientific standards of the respective discipline but also to have a special linguistic quality. The master’s thesis should therefore be used to prove one’s own ability to formulate complex facts in a precise and comprehensible way. There is ample opportunity on the expected 60-120 pages.

Unfortunately, this ability of scientific writing at universities is rarely supported to the necessary extent. At the end of the study, on the occasion of the forthcoming master’s thesis, less linguistically well-versed students become particularly aware of it and, accordingly, have difficulty in mastering the language and presenting their own results.

Ghostwriter for a masters thesis

In order to be able to present a convincing result here, it may be sensible to secure needs-based assistance by means of a professional linguistic editing or also by professional ghostwriting – discreetly, competently and reliably – according to the individual support needs. We are happy to help, please contact us without obligation!