Write a dissertation

The writing of a dissertation is usually a lengthy and sometimes nerve-wracking process, which sometimes can falter over the years sometimes – especially in external doctoral students. With our highly qualified ghostwriters and writing coaches, we offer you tailor-made support for your doctoral thesis, regardless of what stage it is in. Our academic experts are happy to be available for your dissertation with their expertise.

How to get to the doctoral degree?

The dissertation or doctoral thesis is the highest achievable academic degree and awarded by universities or other universities with the right to award a doctorate. Apart from a few exceptions, her composition requires a university degree. Achieving the doctoral title is not only the culmination of the university career, but also represents the key to many attractive and well-endowed occupations.

Requirements for a dissertation

The demands placed on a doctoral thesis are correspondingly high. Unlike the other university degree dissertations, the dissertation should not only reflect and critically discuss the current state of knowledge on the subject, but also develop a substantial new scientific contribution or scientific cognitive capacity, based as far as possible on independent research in the respective subject area.

Of course, the author of a doctoral thesis is expected to have the sovereign scope with the standards of academic writing and writing.

There are no requirements for the scope of a dissertation, but its scope (except in medicine) is rarely less than 150 pages and can reach up to 500 pages.


To have a dissertation written by a ghostwriter can be a suitable solution for those who need support for their doctoral thesis due to their job, shortage of time or the lack of support from the “supervisor”.

In such a case, we support you with our entire range of services, starting with the topic selection on the creation of a qualified Exposés to our professional ghostwriting. Even an “accompanied letter” in the form of our text coaching can be the right solution for you if you have sufficient time resources. The fact that every completed doctoral thesis also requires a profound editing should be self-evident anyway.

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