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The master thesis is comparable in terms of academic degree and requirement to a master thesis.

The master thesis is regarded as the most important work and the crowning conclusion, in order to successfully complete the study at a university or Berufsakademie. With the master thesis, the student proves that he is able to work on a problem of his discipline independently and in limited time according to scientific methods. The use of scientific methods and the research of relevant and specialized literature plays an essential role.

Usually the size of a master thesis amounts to about 50-100 pages and corresponds to 15-30 credit points. The time required to write a thesis is usually set at 500 hours.

The topic, task and scope of the dissertation may be awarded and supervised by any faculty member, faculty member or lecturer, as well as by the academic staff who have been given the examining power by the Faculty Council.

Support for the thesis by a ghostwriter?

Not always enough time and capacity to study the scientific writing is used during the study. Not infrequently, universities and colleges alike tacitly assume that the student can “write scientifically”.

Ultimately, scientific writing is a “craft” that wants to be learned and mastered. These include, first of all, the procedure for finding a topic and the research as well as the sound assessment of the extent to which the selected topic can actually be scientifically and meaningfully dealt with. Once the topic has been selected (or given), it is a matter of working out hypotheses or goal-oriented research questions, as well as defining the appropriate course of action for answering.

Of course, an important part of the scientific “craft” is the realization that no scientific work can do without a reference to other works. Correct and complete citation is even one of the most important components of a scientific work and wants to be just as learned as the actual formulating and writing.

Often, the student only becomes aware at the end of the study, on the occasion of the upcoming master thesis, that he does not completely master this craft or simply lacks the time to practice it as the thesis demands. At the same time, there is often insufficient supervision of the student.

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